About Us

About us............

Thinkingteenagers.tv is made up of real people talking real life stuff!

All of the video interviews are unique to this website.  There are no scripts, no special effects; just real life insights that have come from real people or professionals.

There's a 'Thinking Structure' based around each video; it's there to get teenagers thinking in the right direction.

The more times we think about something the more likely we are to act positively on it.

The way this resource is promoted to parents and families by schools will be varied; the results that come from it will also be varied.  One thing is for certain, every time a teenager watch’s one of these videos in whatever circumstance and for whatever reason they will be given a powerful insight into someone else’s life experience.  Who knows what positive journey this will spark!

Through the Thinking Structures and with the help of parents and schools the teenagers will be encouraged to think about their own lives and aspirations and move forwards in a positive way.

It's unlikely teenagers will do well at school if they don't do well at life.

Thinking is one of the most powerful tools on earth, so let’s encourage it in our teenagers!