Thinking Teenagers Review By Sue Atkins

16th Jan 2013


"Bringing up teenagers is not always easy – but we need to have those “BIG” conversations with them that keep them safe, nurture their self esteem and make them aware of life’s dangers. So I was delighted when I came across Thinking Teenagers TV that offers parents the opportunity to start off those often “difficult” conversations through watching the rich, realistic and raw real experiences of people’s life experiences which will engage your teenager and help you talk and teach your kids about smoking, alcohol, drugs, bullying, peer pressure and many positive things too. This is also the kind of thing you can let your teenagers browse through themselves and pick up some good pointers that will help them on their way in life.  As it says, it’s almost like a good book of life that all the family can benefit from"

Sue Atkins

Author of “Navigating The Choppy Waters of The Teenage Years”