Fancy a cigarette? From rat poison to nail polish remover, this list of ingredients might make you think twice about lighting up

1st Dec 2014

We all know smoking is terrible for health and linked to a host of diseases.

But this eye-opening graphic highlights exactly what goes into cigarettes - and makes for very unpleasant reading. 

From nail polish remover to rat poison, one website has revealed some of the most shocking cigarette ingredients

Smoke Free Forsyth, a website dedicated to helping the people of Forsyth County, North Carolina, give up smoking, explains how cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals - and that many are similar to substances found in toxic waste dumps.

It says they contain acetone, which is nail polish remover, and ammonia, which is a household cleaner as well as the sewer gas methane and barbecue lighter, hazamine.

They also contain arsenic, which used to be used in rat poison, butane which is used in lighter fuel and vinegar.

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