There is no such thing as 'healthy obesity': Even overweight people who don't have heart disease have hardened arteries

2nd Dec 2014

All obese people should be warned of the heart disease risk, experts say

Even those who don't already have the disease often have plaque build-up

This puts them at increased risk of heart attacks

There are those who say it's possible to be obese and healthy - or fat and fit - but new research suggests this is not the case.

The theory goes that if people are overweight - but do not have signs of heart disease - they can be considered healthy.

But new research has revealed that obese people have a much higher prevalence of early plaque build-up in the arteries  - even if they don't have heart disease.

As a result, they cannot be considered as healthy as a normal weight person.

The scientists behind the research now say that all obese people should be warned of the risk of heart disease - and encouraged to try and lose weight.

Obesity can often lead to heart disease because patients have abnormal amounts of fat in their blood and they are prone to high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

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