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T hink about the video .  Carrie talked a lot about shop lifting, smoking drugs and hanging around with the wrong people.  It seems like she got herself onto a slippery slope which ultimately lead her to a jail cell. H ow do you feel?  How do you feel about anti social behaviour?  Knock a door run, throwing stones at windows, fighting, shoplifting, these are all things that might be classed as anti social behaviour.  They aren’t the type of things that are going to help you progress in life are they? I t’s your life.  How would you like it if people were throwing stones at your parent’s house windows? Or people were coming into your shop and stealing from you after you had worked so hard to have a shop in the first place?  If you’re getting up to these types of things then just be aware that potentially you could get caught up in more serious things too like Carrie...

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