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T hink about the video .  There are lots of different forms of bullying but generally speaking it’s when your behaviour is hurtful to another person.  Bullying can be really traumatic for people, the damage it causes might not be visible but it’s there on the inside.  Nobody deserves to be bullied! H ow do you feel?  How do you feel about bullying?  Do you think it’s fair that bullies can make other people’s lives miserable?  How would you feel if you were being bullied and people were always laughing at you and making you feel bad about yourself?  How would you feel if people were bullying your brother or sister or someone you cared about? I t’s your life.  You are in control of your own actions, it’s your life and you have the power to be a nice person and not be hurtful to other people.  If you are the one that’s being bullied then listen to Jessica’s advice...

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