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T hink about the video .  Neville was bullied when he was a teenager because he was perceived to be different.  Many people don’t pay enough attention to the fact that the world is a very diverse place and people are different in lots of ways, just because someone is different it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated as an equal. H ow do you feel?  How do you feel about the fact that the human race is so diverse?  Does it bother you that some people are from different ethnicities?  Does it bother you that some people are gay?  Does it bother you that some people are disabled?  Do you think that these people should be victimised because of the way they are?  I t’s your life.  It’s your life and its best to accept the fact that you live in a world with lots of different people from all walks of life.  Mistreating people because of who they are is not a very nice...

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