My Thinking Space

Think about the video.  The people that Sophie hung around with were a big influence on the things she did when she was a teenager.  Smoking cigarettes and weed were the main things she got involved with and this was mainly due to peer pressure, feeling the need to fit in and not wanting to be the odd one out.

How do you feel?  How do you feel about the things you get up to in your circle of friends?  Have you ever been pressured into something by your friends?  Is there anything you are doing at the moment that you wish you weren’t?  Is there anything you are doing at the moment just to fit in?

It’s your life.  Peer pressure can make you do things that might have a huge impact on your life, like starting smoking, before you know it you could be 40 years old and still smoking with all the bad health to go with it.  Try not to let people pressure you into doing anything, especially if you know it’s wrong or bad for your health.  Stay strong, you will thank yourself for it one day!  Don’t be that person that’s doing the peer pressuring either, it’s another form of bullying. 

Now make a decision.  If you’re being pressured into anything at the moment whether it’s smoking, drugs, anti social behaviour, sex, or anything else then take a moment and think whether it’s what you really want?  Maybe it’s time to think about making some new friends?  Don’t let people drag you down the wrong path just because they are doing it, be your own person.  Talk to someone you trust if you feel you need help. 

Keep your friends and family in mind.  If you see your friends or family being pressured into things that probably aren’t very good for them then try and make them see sense.  When they are on their own talk to them if you can about the fact they are being pressured into doing something wrong, tell them they need to take control over their actions and not be pushed into things.