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T hink about the video.  The people who are looked at favourably in the business are the ones who have a good attitude, work hard, abide by the visions of the brand and simple things like being on time looking clean and smart.  If these things are done then you gain respect by the managers as you are the type of person they want to work with, it encourages them to provide a great working environment for you, they will help you to progress and try and go out of their way to make things happen for you.  If employees and managers work hard for each other then it forms a good healthy two way relationship which involves give and take.  Any relationship in life involves give and take, how can you expect someone to work hard for you if you don’t work hard for them? H ow do you feel?  How do you feel about your relationships with your teachers?  Are you always late?  Don’t do your homework? Mess around in their...

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