My Thinking Space

Think about the video. It’s generally saying that if young people get drunk they can end up in A + E due to not being able to control their bodies, often being sick or even wetting themselves.  Alcohol causes you to lose your inhibitions, not realise what you're doing, lose your wits, make risky choices, and act recklessly, erratically, or out of character.

How would you feel?  Let’s say you had been involved in a road traffic accident because you were drunk and didn’t look both ways when crossing the road.  How would you and your family and friends feel if you woke up in hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car whilst drunk?

It’s my life. It really is and you make your own decisions - but do you really not want to be in control? Would getting drunk and ending up in hospital or worse be a good or bad decision.

Now make a decision.  You’re the one in control, can you say to yourself that you’re not going to get drunk and out of control?  If you’re ever presented with opportunities to get drunk then think about this video as a reason to try and stay in control.

Keep your friends and family in mind.  Is someone close to you getting drunk and out of control?  Are you close enough to talk to them and tell them about the things that can happen to them whilst they are drunk?  Maybe you can help them change their behaviour!