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T hink about the video.  So a unit of alcohol is equal to half a pint of normal strength beer, a small glass of wine (125ml), and a measure of spirits like vodka or whisky (25ml).  If people drink alcohol then what would be considered a healthy amount per day is around 2-3 units for women and 3-4 units for men.  Binge drinking would be classed as drinking double these amounts within a single day. H ow does this make you feel?  In the UK 16-24 year olds drink more than any other age group.  Shocked?  I think it’s safe to say that some young people drink way more than twice the healthy daily limit when they go out.  Is it necessary to get drunk to have a good time?  I t’s your life.  So the short term effects of binge drinking might be hangovers and sickness, increased risk of being involved in an alcohol related accident, and increased risk of having unprotected sex.  Long...

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