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T hink about the video.  Ben had a great upbringing, was very happy, and was loved dearly by all his family.  He tried his first cigarette when he was 11 years old and got drunk for the first time when he was 12, when he was 17 he started smoking heroin.  Perhaps he wanted to grow up too quickly or maybe it was the people he hung around with but one thing’s for sure, he didn’t have a clue just how dangerous heroin was. H ow would you feel?  If you son or daughter got hooked on heroin and destroyed their life?  How do you think your parents would feel if it was you that got hooked on heroin and destroyed your life?  It’s really important to think about the people around us and how our actions might affect them. I t’s your life.  There is not a single doubt about it, heroin destroys lives.  Trying heroin just once could get you on the path to addiction, would that be what...

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