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T hink about the video.  Scott got kicked out of school for smoking cannabis, he then started taking other drugs like ecstasy and amphetamine as well as drinking alcohol.  He ended up taking heroin to get him to sleep after a weekend of party drugs, this is where his heroin addiction began.  One thing to remember is that everyone’s journey with drugs is different, it’s just that for many people there is a fairly common theme of people trying cannabis which progresses onto harder drugs. H ow would you feel?  Looking back on 17 years of drug taking and thinking, it’s not got me anywhere whatsoever?  How would you feel experiencing some of the horrors Scott has like beating his friend’s chest to try and bring him back to life after he overdosed on heroin? I t’s your life. The reasons why some people take drugs can be very complex like because of problems at home or because...

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