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T hink about the video.  60 minutes moderate exercise is what all young people should be doing everyday in the ideal world.  You don’t have to do the 60 minutes all at once, you could break it down by walking to school, then playing games in the playground at lunchtime, then maybe a sport after school.  By doing all these different things by the end of the day you are likely to have done 60 minutes exercise. H ow do you feel?  How do you feel about your own physical ability?  Do you find yourself out of breath quite easily?  Like when you run to the top of your staircase at home?  Do you feel unfit?   I t’s your life.  Do you want to be able to take part in everyday life without being out of breath and slow?  Do you want to have more confidence in yourself and higher self esteem because you’re fit and healthy and able to do whatever life throws at you?  Being unfit can...

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