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T hink about the video.  The Eat Well Plate shows how to eat healthy for a balanced diet.  Eat more of the big sections of the plate and less of the smaller sections, simple hey!  The healthier your diet is then the healthier you will be.  The healthier you are the healthier you feel which is great for confidence, self esteem, and having a spring in your step in everyday life! H ow do you feel? How do you feel about fruit and vegetables?  You need 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, if you don’t like fruit and vegetables in their normal form then maybe you can get creative.  Just Google “How to make fruit smoothies” or “How to make vegetable soup” You can buy them in this form too, it makes eating them much more enjoyable. I t’s your life.  Do you eat lots of food out of the smallest section of the Eat Well Plate?  These are the high fat and sugar foods, are...

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