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T hink about the video.  When Dionne was 18 she was diagnosed as morbidly obese weighing 23 stone with a dress size of 22.  Dionne said that this stems back to being a child and the fact that her parents were feeding her larger portions of fatty or unnecessary foods on a regular basis.  It was only when she got to college that she started to become more self aware and realised that her diet and exercise regime had to change. H ow would you feel?  Dionne experienced a lot of name calling and teasing because of her size, she didn’t feel like she fitted in and couldn’t experience things like clothes shopping with her friends because normal clothes wouldn’t fit her. I t’s your life.  Dionne has done incredibly well and I’m sure you will agree she looks great, however due to her size she experienced a lot of unpleasant happenings.  If she hadn’t have gained control over...

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