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T hink about the video People start smoking because they think it enhances their image, because of peer pressure, because they see their role models smoking and so on.  Smoking is highly addictive, as addictive as heroine in fact! It starts to control people’s lives.  Smokers are at risk of COPD (Breathing problems) various forms of cancer.......and many more health risks. H ow would you feel? This happens to sooooo many people, they start smoking because they think they can quit whenever they like, then 40 odd years later they are still smoking, unfit, yellow teeth, bad skin, and diagnosed with a smoking related illness.  How would you feel knowing that you only started smoking in the first place to fit in with the crowd?  Would it all seem worthwhile? I t’s my life! It sure is, so are you going to start doing one of the most addictive unhealthy things on the planet? ...

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