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T hink about the video.  HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, there are around 100,000 people living with it in the UK.  If you have unprotected sex then you put yourself at risk of catching HIV.  People who catch HIV may not have any symptoms so it’s always best to get yourself checked out at a sexual health clinic if you’ve had unprotected sex. H ow would you feel?  The chances of this happening are very slim but the question still has to be posed, how would you feel if you had unprotected sex and you caught HIV?  Devastated?  Annoyed that you didn’t practice safe sex?   I t’s your life.  Stay healthy, don’t put yourself at risk of catching a virus that can dramatically affect you life.     N ow make a decision.  You know what can happen as a result of having unprotected sex, are you going to look after your...

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