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T hink about the video.  Vicky became pregnant at 14 years old due to a contraception failure, although we don’t know the exact detail of the contraception failure the story of events after for people who decide to keep the baby are likely to be similar in many ways.  Things turned out well for Vicky in lots of ways but she was forced to make a huge decision at such a young age which had a massive impact on her life. H ow would you feel?  Vicky talks about all of the sacrifices that she had to make like missing out on her teenage years and going to a young Mum’s school instead of a regular secondary school.  If you became pregnant how would you feel having to make these massive changes in your life?  It’s not just the girl who has to think about these changes, Vicky’s partner was a stand up guy and had to work every hour going to support his family, this is a huge commitment at such a young age. I...

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