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T hink about the video.  There are lots of different reasons why people feel suicidal or take their own lives and each of these reasons will be unique to the individual.  Some of the reasons might be loss of a friend or family member or a change that has happened in life like moving school.  The key thing to remember is you don’t have to be alone through these times as there is lots of help available. H ow do you feel?  How do you feel at the moment?  Happy we hope!  If you are feeling low about anything that’s going on in life then speak to someone you can trust or speak to an organisation like Papyrus that’s there to help you!  I t’s your life.  Life can be tough at times for lots of different reasons and sometimes it feels like things will never be right again.  The more you talk to people the better things will become, especially over time.  It’s your life and...

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