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T hink about the video.  Nick ended up in a slow recovery coma for 3.5 weeks after overtaking 2 cars and crashing into an oncoming vehicle. H ow would you feel?  Nick was 18 years old and a semi professional footballer, it’s a sad story to watch as in a matter of seconds Nick’s life was changed forever.  How would you feel if you took a risk like Nick did and it left you with so many horrible injuries? I t’s your life.  Are you taking any unnecessary risks in your life?  Risks aren’t just on the roads, they could be playing on train lines, messing around with fireworks, taking drugs, jumping across roofs of buildings etc.  Have a think about any risks you might be taking and then think about the potential consequences they might have.   N ow make a decision.  Some risks might seem fun but the potential consequences definitely...

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